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Why Are There So Many Urban Legends About Mr. Rogers?

You may have read it on the internet or heard it from a friend: Before Fred McFeely Rogers became a beloved TV legend, he was a sniper in the Vietnam War. Then he took to the airwaves, adopting his signature sweater to cover his full-sleeve tattoos, using his platform to abuse more

Betty Ford dancing on the Cabinet Room table

The First Lady Whose Legacy Outshines Her Husband’s

How many American first ladies created legacies that overshadow those of their presidential husbands? It’s a case that can be argued for Betty Ford, who courageously took on taboo topics such as breast cancer, abortion and addiction—and in doing so, started national conversations more

Dickinsonia fossil.

World’s Oldest Animal Discovered, Looks Weird

The oldest known animal in history has been discovered thanks to some well-preserved animal fat that’s been sitting in northwest Russia for the past 558 million years. The find expands the confirmed existence of animals by three million years.The ancient animal is a Dickinsonia, more