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S 1 E 1

Shockwave #1

Aired on Nov 30, 2007
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S 1 E 2

Shockwave #2

Aired on Dec 07, 2007
Witness one of the best stunt pilots in the world slam into the ground at 300 miles an hour and a massive oil tank explosion puts a firefighter on the frontline facedown in the flames. Next, residents of St. George Utah watch as a 3-foot-wide stream turns into a 300-foot-wide raging river that claims dozens of homes. Watch as the installation of a water tower in New Providence Iowa turns into the tower of terror as the crane collapses sending hundreds running for their lives. A Montana sheriff attempts to talk a distraught man out of setting off a bomb, but the whole thing literally blows up in his face. Finally, learn how a cigarette ignited one of the biggest explosions in US History at the PEPCON rocket fuel plant in Henderson, Nevada.
S 1 E 6

Shockwave #6

Aired on Jan 04, 2008
Witness the Helistat, a huge experimental craft, consisting of a blimp supported by four helicopters as it crashes and burns on its maiden voyage, killing one chopper pilot. Finally will a kite surfer survive a fall 250 feet straight down?
S 1 E 9

Shockwave #9

Aired on Feb 09, 2008

Watch as a derailed train whose cars are loaded with toxic chemicals explodes like a rocket in the Illinois countryside. Then a paramedic rushing to help a wrecked driver at the Daytona International Speedway is hit by another racecar, thrown 30 feet in the air and then hit again by the same car. Can eight people fit into a life raft built for four when their perfect fishing day turns into a nightmare? Relive the day Matt “Kangaroo Kid” Coulter tried to jump his 40 horsepower “quad” over a huge riverboat. Finally a Delta ll Rocket explosion in Cape Canaveral, Florida results in huge chunks of burning metal raining down on the launch pad and surrounding areas.

S 1 E 14

Shockwave #14

Aired on May 02, 2008
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S 1 E 17

Shockwave #17

Aired on May 23, 2008
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S 1 E 20

Shockwave #20

Aired on Jun 13, 2008
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S 1 E 21

Shockwave #21

Aired on Jun 20, 2008
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S 1 E 30

Shockwave #30

Aired on Sep 12, 2008
Be there as firefighters in the town of Paris, Texas are caught in a massive back-draft explosion while trying to protect a historic building. Will an American on an African Safari shoot the rogue lion that has killed a ranger, several lionesses and left a village paralyzed in fear? Next, the surviving crew of a top-secret aircraft that crashed during a training mission to rescue Iranian hostages speaks about the tragedy. Then, a 28 foot high wall collapses and the construction crew is buried under tons of cinderblock. Finally, an extreme skier is chased down the mountainside by a cloud of white hell and in one instant is buried underneath the snow.

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