Lone Star Restoration

Lone Star Restoration

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S 1 E 1

Romeo the Wonder Dog

Aired on Oct 03, 2016
Brent's reputation for being the best in historic restoration lands him a job rebuilding an original column for the front of a 1900's home. What makes this job challenging is that the column has been cut into dozens of pieces. Brent's determination to rebuild the column in the most authentic way possible is a true test of his perseverance and ability. Meanwhile Brent is called to Nance Farm, a living history farm from the 1850s, to save the site's oldest structure, the old barn, from complete collapse. While restoring the barn, Brent discovers that it's actually made up of an even older structure; an original log cabin built by the first settlers in this part of Texas. While driving Brent also stops by an old house he has had his eye on to speak with the owner. The owner takes Brent on a tour of the Willing House, which Brent learns is a "virgin property"... a property that has been untouched across the decades.
S 1 E 2

Whiskey Business

Aired on Oct 10, 2016
Brent gets a call to see if he can restore a huge underground prohibition era vault. The plan is to turn the old whiskey safe into a speakeasy with room for entertaining. Then he gets a job from a difficult client. While they may not see eye to eye, Brent follows through and creates a one of a kind front door for the client's his historic home. But once the job is done Brent realizes some clients may not be worth the time or money. Meanwhile, the entire team dives into the restoration of the 1920s house Brent recently purchased to restore and resell. While the house has many beautiful original details; they uncover many surprises that will only make it harder and more expensive to restore.
S 1 E 3

Dead Wood

Aired on Oct 17, 2016
Brent tackles a new challenge restoring an early 20th century wooden Caboose for the Texas State Railroad. While woodwork is what Brent knows best, the project doesn't seem daunting until he and his team start taking the Caboose apart. They discover that most of the original wood is crumbling. But it's too late to turn back because now the Caboose has to be rebuilt from scratch. Brent's friend Dale ropes him into helping rebuild parts of an abandoned funeral home and instill some new life into a building that has stood empty for years. Meanwhile, over at Brent's long-term project, his restoration of the historic house on Willing Avenue, the exterior brick-work is literally falling off and on top of that the house needs to be leveled before any interior work can begin. For Brent this setback is going to cost more time and money than he ever imagined.
S 1 E 4

Pet the Snake

Aired on Oct 24, 2016
Brent lives a college dream when he uncovers a turn of the century pool table in the basement of an historic home. Rebuilding it takes all the craftsmanship and patience Brent and his team can muster because it's missing a lot more pieces than they thought. But once the pool table puzzle is solved and the table restored Brent proves he is a pool shark. Next, Brent takes on a challenge when he accepts a job at a local bar when the owner asks him to add an element of mystery to a secret door that leads to an underground speakeasy. Brent geeks out to a whole new level when he restores a giant classic Palladian Window. If anyone doesn't know what a Palladian Window was before, they do now, because Brent shares his passion and knowledge to bring this architectural gem back to life.
S 1 E 5

Oh Ship

Aired on Oct 31, 2016

Brent dives into fulfilling a lifelong dream when he and his team restore a 1951 Century Sea Maid wooden power boat. After months of painstaking restoration the moment of truth comes when Brent attempts to launch the boat onto the waters of Lake Worth. A local Baptist College needs Brent’s help in uncovering underground escape tunnels that existed during the 1930s and 40s when the property featured a secret underground casino frequented by movie stars and gangsters. Rumor has it gambling equipment is in the hidden underground tunnels. Will Brent find the hidden jackpot or will he have to fold? Over on the Willing Avenue project Brent tackles a professional dilemma; should he stick to his guns and restore the home’s kitchen the way it was or does he change everything in the pursuit of a higher profit?

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