I Love the 1880s

I Love the 1880s

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S 1 E 1

Presidents Gone Wild

Aired on Nov 12, 2012
Turns out there s more to being President than just signing laws, naming judges, and kissing babies. Our comedians leave no corner of the Oval Office unexplored during this thorough examination of executive power. Learn the strange way Nixon wooed his future wife. Find out which one of our founding fathers liked swimming in the nude. And you ll never guess who put the "vice" in Vice President, getting so drunk at his inauguration he had to be pulled off the stage! Guaranteed to be funnier (and more informative) than all 156 episodes of The West Wing combined.
S 1 E 2

The United States of Awesome

Aired on Nov 12, 2012
We all know that America is the greatest country in the history of the world, but did you realize it's even more awesome than you possibly imagined? Discover why American has always had the most awesome healthcare system in the world. Hint: It involves giving cannabis in a can. If you thought tailgating at football games was awesome, wait `til you hear about the people who picnicked at a Civil War battle! And if you believed the Star Spangled Banner was just a poem, you'll be surprised to learn that its creation was more exciting than a Bruce Willis action movie!
S 1 E 3

One Nation, Under Arrest

Aired on Nov 19, 2012
Get ready for a half hour of history's most infamous gangsters, kidnappers, and witchcraft practitioners. Find out which Chicago mobster went by Snorky, why Bonnie & Clyde were like Fleetwood Mac, and exactly how many U.S. vice presidents have shot people while in office. The answer may surprise you.
S 1 E 4

Military Madness

Aired on Dec 03, 2012
We're taking aim at the subject of war. We've enlisted a platoon of comedians to crack wise about history's weirdest weapons, craziest generals, and biggest battlefield blunders. Learn the secrets behind the CIA's classified cat-training program. Discover William Wallace's taste for human flesh. And go deep inside the mind of George "Blood and Guts" Patton. It's a walk through military history. Without the risk of getting trench foot.
S 1 E 5

The Vice Is Right

Aired on Dec 28, 2012
If you're a fan of alcohol and tobacco, then this is the show for you. Our cast of comedians will get you hooked on the illicit habits, weird addictions, and freaky sexual peccadilloes enjoyed by some of history's biggest figures. Discover which drug gave Freud unprincipled pleasure, whether Churchill was ever sober, and what kind of wood the table in Catherine the Great's secret sex lair was made out of. Hint: It wasn't teak.
S 1 E 6

The Nerds Who Built America

Aired on Dec 28, 2012
Our cast of comedians tackles Edison, Einstein, the Wright Brothers, and many other nerds whose scientific genius have made the world a better place. Learn how shocking an elephant helped decide how we get electricity today. Discover the secrets of Marie Curie's radioactive love life. Find out why one inventor's Speedy Weenie is probably in your kitchen right now. It's a half-hour of TV that finally proves science can be fun. Or at least funny.
S 1 E 7

How The West Was Fun

Aired on Dec 28, 2012
Saddle up, history buffs. We're taking a ride through America's rough and tumble past in search of what's funny about frontier living. From Davy Crockett to Jesse James to Wild Bill Hickok, it's a comedic round-up of the biggest and brashest personalities to venture west of the mighty Mississippi. Get ready for hilarious tales of gunslingers, grifters, and high plains drifters roaming across the land atop their trusty camels. Yes, camels.
S 1 E 8

Forever Badasses

Aired on Dec 28, 2012
Prepare to meet some of the baddest mothers to ever stride the earth. We've scoured all of recorded history to find the men, the myths, and the legends that kicked ass, took names, and then kicked ass again. We're talking Genghis Khan, Andrew Jackson, and the manliest man to ever make a living by writing his feelings down on paper: Ernest Hemingway. It's all the stuff your history teacher didn't have the stones to cover.
S 1 E 9

Heroes and Villains

Aired on Mar 15, 2013
Get ready for a look at history's greatest good guys, baddest bad guys, and a few prominent figures who were a little of both. You'll learn what made Alexander the Great so great, where Fidel Castro stationed his Cuban missile, and how Napoleon could have won the Battle of Waterloo with a bit more preparation...and lot more Preparation H. It's all the best untold stories about the heroes who saved the day and the villains who ruined it.
S 1 E 10

Bad Behavior

Aired on Mar 15, 2013
Finally, a show that's not afraid to knock Gandhi down a peg. We're poking fun at the bad behavior of politicians, royals, and all the other prominent historical figures that couldn't keep their hands (or worse) to themselves. You'll learn what LBJ nicknamed his "chief of staff", how Kim Jong-Il invented the hamburger, and why the real-life inspiration for Dracula was even more bloodthirsty than the vampire.
S 1 E 11

Livin' Large

Aired on Mar 22, 2013
This episode is all about the Benjamins, baby. It's a salute to the biggest bigwigs in history. The millionaires, billionaires, and multi-kajillionaires that lived large, then died rich without trying. Find out how John Rockefeller made his dough, why Marie Antoinette lost her bread (and her head), and which Roman emperor hosted parties so depraved that Penthouse made a movie about them. Also, jokes.
S 1 E 12

Breakthroughs and Breakdowns

Aired on Mar 22, 2013
Our comedians are cracking wise at the most awesomely epic feats...and utterly demoralizing defeats the world has ever seen. From Lindbergh to the Hindenburg , it's a look at the big moments that shaped the course of human events for better and worse. It's what you need to know about the major turning points in history with no risk of motion sickness. Plus, tips on how to avoid getting the Black Plague!

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